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The purpose of SAFER California Healthcare

The Strategic Alliance For Error Reduction in California Healthcare (SAFER) grew out of a series of meetings held from 1999 to 2001 to address patient safety issues by the Medical Directors of the University of California system, i.e. San Francisco, Davis, Los Angeles, Irvine, and San Diego. The Directors recognized that quality improvement was universally agreed upon as being a serious and common concern of all five (5) campuses, and saw the appropriateness of a formal infrastructure to coordinate and share previously independent patient safety efforts. The Directors rightly foresaw that there was much that they could do collectively that they could not do as independently-acting sole institutions; SAFER California Healthcare was born of that consensus and is now charged with the following purposes:

Who we are

The five University of California Medical Centers at San Francisco, Davis, Los Angeles, Irvine, and San Diego form the right arm of SAFER California Healthcare. Each University currently serves a diverse and complex patient population, provides undergraduate and graduate education for medical and allied health professional students, has strong community outreach programs, and performs a broad spectrum of research, ranging from the very basic sciences to health services research. In addition to the five campuses, SAFER California Healthcare is also supported by the University of California Office of the President, which has helped to organize and prepare much of the initial work in setting up the infrastructure for the Alliance.

Besides these five medical centers, their affiliated professional schools, and the Office of the President, there is also a broad representation of partners holding seats on the SAFER California Healthcare Advisory Board. These organizations include:

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