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On Clinical Delivery Interventions

Likewise, SAFER California Healthcare is unique in that even as it promotes and coordinates research activities, it also provides the infrastructure for an interface between research and the clinical delivery system. The problem with many research projects is that while study findings may be worthwhile, implementation at the clinical delivery level may be difficult to enforce. While SAFER California Healthcare cannot promise implementation of all clinical delivery recommendations everywhere, it can certainly promise an audience of leaders who can collectively appreciate such efforts and can advocate for their progress at the delivery level.

SAFER California Healthcare has a team of healthcare administrators who serve on the Advisory Board, the Planning Committee, and the Executive Committee. Each leader is capable of tapping into the Alliance's research capabilities and implementing clinical delivery interventions at the operational level-it is one of SAFER California Healthcare's goals to always have such a dialogue and interface between the clinical delivery administration and clinical delivery research.

In addition, SAFER California Healthcare provides a forum in which clinical delivery administrators can speak to one another regarding different intervention strategies that have worked or failed at their separate institutions. Without a forum for sharing and discussing experiences that are relevant to patient safety efforts, it can be difficult for any one individual institution to move progressively towards patient safety improvement.

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