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To produce any kind of significant shift in healthcare culture requires investment in educating both the public that consumes healthcare services and the professionals who provide them. The longstanding notion that healthcare service providers are infallible has been eroding slowly, but has not been replaced with a greater understanding of how consumer and system intervention can be used to secure more successful outcomes in healthcare. The beginning of the patient safety effort requires cultivating within the consumer and the provider an awareness of how to constructively evaluate and improve the system without assigning accusatory and hurtful blame. SAFER California Healthcare's goal is to help California healthcare professionals respond to this new expectation. We are laying the groundwork for a body of educational programs designed to target the public, healthcare providers, and researchers. Education, and advocacy activities across the state will come together to familiarize one another with individual projects and successes. This also involves disseminating successful patient safety performance improvement strategies and a set of materials and tools that can educate community and rural hospitals in the state about patient safety issues.
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Attacking the Medication Error Problem - Lancaster, CA, November 20, 2002
Attacking the Medication Error Problem - Holy Cross, February 21, 2003
Reducing Errors in Medicine: A Priority in the Laboratory and the Nation - April 2003
National Taiwan University Presentation
Attacking the Medication Error Problem (Lumetra Collaboratives) - February 25, 2004
Capt. Lessard's Presentation on Aviation Safety
Dr. Sanjay Saint's Presentation     Session Summary     Introduction     University of Michigan Patient Safety Enhancement Program

Speakers Bureau

Patient safety is an important factor to care that is gaining increasing coverage in today’s healthcare environment. Being a newly emerging and multifaceted topic, we understand that it can be difficult to introduce patient safety to your staff and students. We at the University of California recognize this, and at the request of attendees from our September 2002 Patient Safety Summit, are providing the resources of the local university campus speakers bureaus to the healthcare community.
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