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On Research

Pivotal to the success of patient safety improvement is the promotion of patient safety research. Since the Institute of Medicine's influential publication of To Err is Human and shocking media exposure of poor adverse events management, the field has exploded with a growing body of researchers. Effectively, patient safety has the potential to develop into a discipline of its own.

However, as with all bodies experiencing rapid growth, the explosion has left many researchers without an organizing body. The dissemination of useful recommendations may be undermined by the absence of a proper avenue. Without organization, research may be duplicated and valuable research time, money, and effort may be wasted due to lack of a regular and proper forum for discussion.

SAFER California Healthcare supports patient safety research, but it also seeks to further the research capacity of the entire field as a whole, by harnessing the strengths of previously independent research activities into a large collaborative, interdisciplinary, and comprehensive patient safety network. Such thoughtful organization is the only means for building a resourceful alliance of scientists and professionals.

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